In 2019 Škoda is launching the all-new hatchback, the Scala.

We had to create an integrated campaign under the umbrella concept "Don't settle for less". 


The Scala is a great all-rounder and offers more for less money than its competitors. In other words, it crushes the competition.


Idea: To place an actual car press, with Škoda Scala on top, somewhere with high visibility. Everyday we’ll bring cars from our scrappage scheme to be smashed by the press. If someone is brave enough to drive there and crush their car, we’ll give them a massive discount to upgrade to the all-new Scala.

Amplifying the stunt online:


360 live stream from inside each car being crushed


  • We’ll place a 360 camera/multiple GoPros inside each car to allow viewers enjoy the destruction live to the fullest.



Control the crusher with social media activity


  • The more likes/hashtags the faster the crusher moves / Choose between crushing modes [Snail Pace (slow&painful) and Fast&Furious (quick&painless)] by liking/sharing the video.



Needle competitors

  • We'll encourage people watching our live stream to tag cars they want us to crush in the comments section.


Press ad:

Idea: The Scala is out which means it’s time to sell your current car.

We’ll help people with that by providing them with car window sale stickers. 

Our newspaper/magazine insert ad will have peel-off stickers on one side of the sheet and car info on the other.  / +44 7 808 510 371